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Blai 9 is a unique bar ihere you can try a wide variety of delicious and original pintxos without bread, delicious pancakes and tapas with a Mediterranean flavour. All street Blai is full of pintxos bars.

Big and very tasty sandwiches for good price. Ask for takeaway and eat somewhere more inspiring, like port well.

Excellent interior, fantastic cocktails, barmen’s work amazing. Very recommended place for a chat and cocktail.

Secret cocktail bar in born. Just go there and see yourself. Let’s keep it secret :) .

Address: Carrer de Rera Palau, 4, 08003 Barcelona

Must visit! People say that this place hasn’t changed for 40 years. It’s like an icon of Barceloneta. Bottle of cava for 2 euros and typical Spanish tapas with amazing and very Spanish atmosphere. Cava in La Champaneria always comes with the food. Don´t be surprised when you see your glass filled in with the cava from you neighbour´s bottle. Friendly atmosphere just flutters over there.
This place usually is really crowded, but try to get there as early as possible, before six o´clock, as later it is deadly difficult to get inside.

Address: Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7, 08003 Barcelona.

Excellent wine & food in the heart of born. They do not make online bookings, but you can make a reservation by calling +34 932 68 19 87.

Address: Carrer Antic de Sant Joan 3

This traditional bar will invite you to try diferent aperitifs. There you can really feel a local mood.

There are lot of people and the staff is wonderful.

Address: Carrer de Vic, 23, Gracia. Barcelona.

Don‘t miss to have mojito for 2,5 Eur.

We love it simply for that!

Address: Carrer de la Mercè, 13 Barcelona.

Beautiful place with special atmosphere. You will feel like just after the luxurious sailing. The day time meniu ~35 eur per person.

Be aware that you can enter the restaurant for a lunch and dinner, but to get in to the launch zone you’ll be asked to have a membership.


Always good food. The price level is higher than average, but if your are looking for a place for a nice dinner with a family or business partners this restaurant is highly recommended.


You just need to see this colourful and tasty food and deserts. It so beautiful!  Price level is really affordable and the portions are big enough.  Try it in the centre or in Barceloneta (passeig Joan de Borbó).

Down a little street right near Plaça Catalunya you can enjoy a lunch menu that offers so many dishes to choose from, it's not nearly as limiting as many lunch specials. Bear in mind the restaurant is open only for lunch and a drink is not included. Their timbal(pie) of potato and botifarra negra (black sausage) is already a classic.
Posted in Time out www.Barcelona.com by Ricard Martin.

Address: Carrer de les Moles, 25, 08002 Barcelona.

The Mexican owners say they make 'Mexican street food'. And they do it well: their tacos are phenomenal and their quesadillas are made with care and without industrial cheddar. The repertoire is informal Mexican food, and weekends are reserved for more-traditional fare such as aguachiles and chicken with mole sauce. The ambience is also a cut above the norm, with modern Mexican and colorful decor.Posted in Time out www.Barcelona.com

Address: Passatge de Font 5, Barcelona.

Good place to try Spanish tapas. It is not a place with a white tablecloth, but there you can meet people from all over the world and to have a nice chat.

Address: Carrer Balboa 5 , Barcelonetta.

Simply the best!  You can have a hamburger for 6 eur.

You’ll melt with happiness as caramelized onions in your mouth.


They are wonderful with it’s atmosphere and it is definitely good choice to have a brake, to drink a cup of coffee or vermouth casero (house vermouth).  They cannot offer you a meal for a good price and it will not surprize you with a quality.

Just enjoy sun and sea views!

The almosphere is awful but for 10 euros you can eat how many you want and to try different Asian meals. It’s really good place when you are really starving and then spend all the day walking in Barcelona and enjoying sea views  and vermouth  casero ( for 2 Euro) in one of the Chiringitas in the Barcelonetta

Address: Passeig  de Colom 4, Barcelona

Self service for 12 euros day time and 17 weekeds. A bit expensive as for that type of the restaurante but the food is good and you can eat as much as you can. If you are really hungry after exploring.

Barcelona, take this deal, and it will satisfied  you enough.

Address: Carrer de Villarroel, 1, 08011 Barcelona

Excellent seafood &fish self-service restaurant with a very simple interior.  You will feel like at the market and you’ll have to stay in a line for more than 0,5 h to get inside.


If you are 4 persons you certainly need to try „Parillada“ in restaurant El Rey de la gamba for ~38 eur. The waitresses will say that it is for two persons, but don‘t be fooled the plate is REALLY BIG. If you gona eat it 4 persons you will be really full, but for two persons  it‘s way too much.

Here you will also find a big range of all seefood.