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The best panoramic scooter trip in Barcelona this summer!


Old fishing district with it’s unique atmosphere.


The most Bohemian and multicultural area of the city!

Illa de la discordiaPg. de Gracia, L'Illa de la Discòrdia

The highest concentration of outstanding architectural creations of catalan modernism per square meter!

casa milaPg. de Gracia, Casa Milá

This white building with a wavy facade, looks like it was sculpt from modeling clay by the hands of one giant, is the top of the creativity of Gaudi.

routes casa terradesAv. Diagonal, Casa Terrades

One of the most original and renowned buildings of the city.

routes sagrada familiaSagrada Familia

Fantastic and breathtaking temple designed by catalán architect Antonio Gaudi!

port olympicPort Olympic

At day - to admire the yachts and to drink mojito on the beach, at night  - to dance in the best discos of Barcelona!

monjuic castelMontjuïc

Barcelona's famous mountain, which is a huge number of different attractions and viewpoints with breathtaking panoramas.

routes palau nacionalPalacio Nacional

The best museum of fine art in Barcelona inside the incredibly beautiful palace with panoramic terrace.

Magic fountain

Spectacular dance of water, music and light!

Registration for tour: +34 603 325 203 or just write us a message on our Facebook page: RentScooter.

Price for tour:

1 scooter (2 persons): 100
1 scooter (1 person): 70
Meeting point: Palau de Mar, Plaça de Pau Vila, 3.  Near Museum History of Catalunya

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