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In case of a cancellation, will I get a refund?

You can ask for compensation or refund up to 70%  in the following cases:

1. All day rainy

2. Illness 

3. You booked a scooter directly on rent-scooter.com


Where can I pick up my scooter?

You can pick your scooter in underground public parking in Joan de Borbo  street. Follow the signs of scooter rent. In case you don’t have time or it is not convenient for you we can  deliver your scooter to your hotel or home. You will also find pick up places in our web page.

What do I need to rent a scooter?

You should be over 21 year. Valid passport or identity document and a valid driver's license of B category, 300Euros for your deposit.

What is include in scooter rent pack?

A three wheels scooter, 2 helmets, a padlock, civil responsibility insurance, a tank full of fuel.

Can I reserve a scooter without paying?

You can do it in our web page www.rent-scooter.com or www.rentscooter.es  by filling a form and leaving your personal data.  You will be asked to fill your credit card data just to save a registration deposit of 25eur. This deposit will be returned to your card when picking the scooter.

Must I leave a security deposit?

Yes, it's necessary to leave a 300€ security deposit. You can leave it in cash or with your credit card. The entire amount will be refunded when you return the scooter and accesories in the same conditions. In case of any damage to the scooter or accessories, you will be charged the costs corresponding to the loss from your deposit before it is returned.

How can I pay?

Cash, credit card or card with paypal.

What does the insurance cover?

The scooter has a civil responsibility insurance that covers damage of the driver. Civil liability voluntary up to 50,000,000€,  death up to € 3,000, disability, up to € 3,000.

In addition, the mandatory civil liability, damage and accidents of the driver are included in the insurance.

Should I return the tank full?

Yes. You'll need to return the scooter with the tank full of fuel. If you have problems with finding a gas station, use your navigation.

Can I travel outside Barcelona?

You can, but keep in mind, that if you’ll go forward in case of the accident you’ll be responsible to take scooter back to our office on your expenses.

What I need to do if I cannot find a scooter?

First, you should look for a green sticker on a ground. If you will find it, it is means that the  scooter was parked in a wrong place and you will get a penalty.  In the sticker you will find all the information where to pick up a scooter and there you will pay a penalty.

If you cannot find a sticker and a scooter, please call us immediately.  A lock system which is provided must be used at all times when the bike is parked or left unattended.