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These conditions of hire form part of the contract of rent of scooter held between WHITE FUTURE S. L., (hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”) and the customer (hereinafter referred to as “Client”). Any amendments or additions to this contract, be valid if written.


a) The subject matter of the contract between the lessor and the client is exclusively the lease of the scooter reserved. The client shall route and drive the scooter under his own responsibility.

b) All rates include limited mileage (unless agreed otherwise), liability insurance exclusively by the driver, but do not include neither fuel nor maintenance costs.

c) The repair of damages produced during the rental period, shall be paid by client.

d) The client shall pay a deposit of the amount of the excess for own damages, in cash or with credit card (MasterCard, VISA).

e) In case, the client will give the scooter  back to the lessor prior of the period agreed, he must pay compensation 50% of the price of the remaining days until the end of the agreed period; if the client will give scooter back to the lessor later of the period agreed, he must pay 200% price for each day of extra renting.

f) The client has to follow the rules of Spain, following the European Directive that aims to unify the scheme of permissions throughout the European Union. Is an intermediate step that was not there before and it is start the rest of Europe since the month of January of 2013.
Carnet A: normal driving license for scooter, which contemplates no limitation of power, although to get it now, you will need to comply with a number of new requirements.
All types of motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles and quadricycles.
You must have two years of experience with the carnet A2.

Age: 20 years (21 years to drive three-wheeled vehicles and quadricycles).

In addition, in Spain with driving license for car (B) you can drive motorbikes with following specifications and limitations:

  • Driving license B is validated with the A1 automatically with three years of experience. Territory: only in Spain.
  • Ages: although driving license for car B can be taken out with 18 years, validation to be able to drive a motorcycle starts only from the age of 21.

Payment and termination of contract

a) Both the payment and the termination of the contract shall be governed by the General Conditions of Recruitment of WHITE FUTURE S. L.

b) The client  agrees to pay to the lessor:

  • The amount resulting from the application of the general price and the initial price agreed in the rental contract according to the tariff selected, corresponds to the duration, insurance, additional equipment and complementary services, in accordance with the stipulated conditions, as well as applicable taxes and fees.
  • The amounts of the indemnities arising out of the provisions of the contract of the present general conditions.
  • The expenses on the administrative service and legal.

Duties of the client

  • The client undertakes to use the scooter with special care shall comply with the technical provisions and the manual of instructions as well as the rules of the road.
  • During the rental period, the client shall regularly monitor the level of oil and water, tyre pressure and the correct tensioning of the transmission chain. The client must respect the legal regulations, in particular the Highway Code. Liable for all traffic fines, penalties, etc, Imposed by the use of the scooter.

For  the client is prohibited:

a) to give the scooter to a person other than those authorized by the rental agreement;

b) assign the scooter to a person authorized by the contract, when against it in spite of a driving ban, where he does not have a valid driving license or when you are not able to drive;

c) drive the scooter having  prohibition of driving or without  valid driver's license;

d) use the scooter in conditions unfit for driving;

e) use the scooter for commercial purposes;

f) participate in any kind of competitions of any kind including appropriate evidence of preparation;

g) use the scooter on road without asphalt cover or on the beach;

h) manipulating the rev counter.
The defects in the rev counter should be reported immediately to the lessor;

i) leave as deposit, sell or dispose of the scooter or its components, equipment, accessories or documentation such a way as to cause prejudice to the lessor in his rights as owner or in any other rights to the scooter.

j) parking the scooter outside of the parking spaces reserved for motorcycles;

k) undertake travel abroad without the express written consent of the lessor.

l) driving the scooter in the physical conditions of inferiority, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, fatigue or similar circumstances.

Duties and responsibility of the lessor

WHITE FUTURE, S. L. supply scooter  in good external condition, in good working condition and clean and in compliance with the rules of traffic safety as well as no signs of rust in its components. In addition, the client will receive the documentation of the scooter and the tools. The lessor will be responsible for damages which were received earlier; should be written in the contract when it was happened.

The responsibility of the client for damages

At the end of the contractual period agreed, the client agrees to return to WHITE FUTURE S. L. the scooter along with all documentation and accessories in the correct state of operation and in the conditions arising from the good normal use during the time of use.

The client is responsible for the proper  use of the scooter and for the costs arising from malfunction, misuse, missing accessories, accidents and violations of traffic rules.

The client must pay 80% of the value of the new scooter in case if it is stolen or lost. From the moment of delivery and until the return of the scooter, the client is liable to the lessor also for slight negligence with respect to the loss (including the loss or confiscation of the scooter) and to you for all damages (for example, accident, damage function, damages caused by improper use and damage that decrease the value of the scooter) that incurred during the rental period and exceeding the regular use of the scooter.

In case of damage, the client must cover costs of repair, invoicing and return actually occurred or that have been collected in the expert report, as well as the costs of surveying, a decline in the value of the technical or market. The client will pay 50 euros per day for compensation for the loss of rent, during the period of the repair.

Rules to be followed in case of accident or damage

The client must immediately inform the lessor  by telephone and the production of harm, including damage or accidents that do not involve a third party.

In case of an accident, you must notify the police immediately. You should ensure the evidence (witnesses, traces, etc), record the data of the persons involved in the accident and to do everything that may contribute to complete elucidation of the details of the accident.

The client undertakes not to acknowledge any guilt and to refrain from any activity (payments, compensation) that may compromise the insurance coverage.

Insurance coverage

a) The scooter has a civil responsibility insurance that covers damage of the driver. Civil liability voluntary up to 50,000,000€,  death up to € 3,000, disability, up to € 3,000.
In addition, the mandatory civil liability, damage and accidents of the driver are included in the insurance. The client should know, that, apart from this insurance, he is fully responsible for damages or for the personal injury in the following cases:

  • doesn`t comply with the obligations which provided for the contract,
  • leaving the place of accident caused by your big negligence,
  • exceeding the period of rental agreed in the contract.

b) The second passenger or companion on the scooter will not be covered by the obligatory civil liability insurance. In case of any problem happened, the client  must be only one who is  responsible for any damages that may happened to the scooter, to the person of the second passenger or companion, or to third persons, or to the driver or to the client.

Return of the scooter

The scooter should be returned in the same place of withdrawal.

The client must return the scooter with the gas tank in the same condition in which it was delivered. If no, the client shall pay a penalty of 10€ at the time of delivery of the scooter. The client must return the scooter in the same state at the end of the rental period at the place, date and time of return agreed and along with all the documentation, tools, and accessories.

If the client returns the scooter very dirty, he must cover cleaning expenses.

If it exceeds more than 60 minutes, scheduled time for return, will be billed one more day of rent in compensation.

The lessor may terminate the contract without notice, in case if he finds a reason why it is impossible to continue the lease. Such reasons can be the distortion of information provided by the client in respect of his identity or his creditworthiness, as well as a serious breach of the contract`s obligations. In case of the termination of the contract without notice, the scooter must be returned immediately, even before the expiry of the period of the rental.

Final provisions

There are no other agreements to this rental agreement. All contractual agreements must submit in a written form, including the cancellation of this agreement.

Partial or total invalidity of an arrangement in this contract won't affect the validity of the other arrangements. Parties are obliged to replace invalid arrangements for others accurate to the economic aim of the invalid arrangement.

In accordance with this contract the client agrees to pay the amounts of the money in the cases referred to.


The parties waive their privilege, appeal to the court of Barcelona for the resolution of any issue that arises regarding the interpretation, compliance or resolution of this document and liabilities in it.